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(Glass) Eyes (and Sandstone Walls)
When sand becomes a stone;
where eyes can no longer see;
that's how much you mean to me.
Staring off into the distance,
glass eyes wandering to the left and right;
The stone walls crumble back into sand.
Use caution my dear, the glass is sharp;
as well as being see-through,
that's where reality breaks it's own skin.
You'll find me beneath all these broken shells,
lying in the sand that once built the walls;
Crying amongst all my people who pray to the stars.
Burning on the coals of lost love,
the glass melts into the stone;
the glass is not invincible.
:iconsoulfulwingedone:SoulfulWingedOne 2 14
 Whispers in the wind are enough to kill,
bled onto paper.
 She no longer has the strength.
 A smattering of
ruby red drops like rain,
on the floor.
tips her head
black veil holds her back.
Gleaming silver
as a bullet, the blade
has no mercy
like he did.
Red ruby run,
Pleading for
the end.
:iconsoulfulwingedone:SoulfulWingedOne 1 11
Melanie Martinez by SoulfulWingedOne Melanie Martinez :iconsoulfulwingedone:SoulfulWingedOne 4 6


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he’s a delicate
      but tough boy;
his fault lines
     jagged but
             his eyes still sharp
                  like astral streetlamps.
he’s fuelled by sunlight;
             he soaks in golden.
                     words bounce in the dim light of table lamps
                                  and if he can pull the hardest punch
                                             it’s because of the anatomy within which
                                   he's made a home for himself.
:icona-girl-named-divine:a-girl-named-divine 40 36
gardens of violence.
                                    she’s a subtle girl in a loud world –
there are
   in her head but
                her mouth will not
                                shape them.
                                                      you could shout over her, you could.
she is
   the hints unspoken
the words unsaid
   the small smile when you look her way;
                with those characteristic sad eyes
:icona-girl-named-divine:a-girl-named-divine 45 21


Sorry if I can't reply immediately to comments and replies and watches and stuff. I've got a lot going on. But later this week I'm going to post some new digital art! :la:
Hello! I thought I should do a raffle again, since I've only ever done one before.
First, let's talk about prizes.

Colored full body copic drawing of
•anthro/furry OC
•human OC
•animal OC

Colored headshot copic drawing
Line art full body inked drawing of
•anthro/furry OC
•human OC
•animal OC

Line art bust inked drawing of
•anthro/furry OC
•human OC
•animal OC

•fave this journal (+1)
•must be a watcher (required, and new watchers are welcome!) (+1)
•comment on one of the things in my gallery (+1)
•must comment on this journal listing what you did to enter!

I will pick the winner by using this website:
The end date of this raffle is going to be April 30th.
Thank you!


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hello guys, gals, and non-binary pals! My name is- well, I'm known as Soul both in and out of the internet haha. I'm just a little emo kid who really loves to draw. Especially traditional art! I do however also really enjoy photography, writing, and I totally aspire to be an actress one day. I'm a total trash can fangirl for ships like destiel, phan, and I'm an otaku. (But that's besides the point xD)

Wanna chat? Send me a note or comment somewhere on my profile! I'm always up for a convo. Have an idea of something you want me to draw? Commissions are (almost) always open!

Toodle-loo, kangaroo!


Line Art Headshot
Inked and pencil lines erased of human, furry/anthro, animal
Colored Full Body
Full body full color. Female, Male, Furry/Anthro, Animal,
Colored Thigh
Thigh up Commission. Female, Male, Anthro/Furry, Animal. 
Colored Bust
Bust up. Female, Male, Furry/Anthro, Animal, full color.
Colored Heashot
Male, Female, Furry/Anthro, Animal


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